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Dog Joint Soft Chews

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Soft chew joint supplement for dogs.
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Open image in slideshow, Dog Joint Soft Chews
Open image in slideshow, Dog Joint Soft Chews

Pain relief. Mobility. Nutrition.
Dog joint care in a tasty soft chew

Joint & Bone dog soft chews are packed with effective natural ingredients in 100% safe dosages formulated for both fast relief and long-term joint and bone health. They are a delicious, nutritious and easy to digest supplement-in-a-snack that gives dogs of all ages a daily dose of the vitamins, minerals and superfoods they need for mobility, strength and excellent health. Plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging. Sustainably sourced products. Cruelty-free. Made with love in the UK.

Dog Joint Soft Chews


  • Dog Joint Soft ChewsMSM (400mg per bite)
    Natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and immune booster.
  • Dog Joint Soft ChewsCHONDROITIN (125mg per bite)
    Plant-based Phytodroitin™ builds cartilage are reverses osteoarthritis cartilage breakdown.
  • Dog Joint Soft ChewsGLUCOSAMINE (450mg per bite)
    Repairs cartilage and connective tissue to ease fibromyalgia and arthritis pain.
  • Dog Joint Soft ChewsHYALURONIC ACID (5mg per bite)
    Natural pain reliever that keeps joints lubricated.
  • Dog Joint Soft ChewsL-LYSINE (62.5mg per bite)
    Improves calcium absorption and protects bones.
  • Dog Joint Soft ChewsVITAMINS + MINERALS
    Supports joint and bone health, energizes, and supports overall well-being.
Dog Joint Soft Chews

Daily dosage for optimal results

Start by giving your dog half of the recommended daily dose the first few days and then gradually increase to the full dosage. You can also split the daily dose in two so your dog can enjoy a tasty snack twice a day!

Dog Joint Soft Chews

Dogs Love Them.
Their joints love them even more.

Dog Joint Soft Chews
  • Dog Joint Soft Chews100% CRUELTY FREE
  • Dog Joint Soft ChewsMADE IN THE UK
  • Dog Joint Soft ChewsVEGAN
Dog Joint Soft Chews

See what our customers are saying about Joint and Bone!

"We have been looking for so long for a vegan alternative to well known joint care brands, but the magic ingredient found in most of them, chondroitin, was lacking in any other vegan supplements, because it is typically found in green-lipped mussel......then we found Taré Pets! It was fantastic to find out they have found a plant-based version of this ingredient! Our seniors love the yummy, chewy texture and our most senior senior seems to have been a bit more spritely on his runs in the meadow, even in just the week he's been taking them! Excellent value for money in comparison to other non-vegan brands! Highly recommended as a vegan dog joint supplement (aka tasty treat


"I absolutely love this brand, so much so that i have stopped using yumove supplements which i had been using for 7 years. My dog benefits so much from this joint & bone supplement. His limp has completely gone and he can sit down without yelping. I love seeing the benefits and i am sure that his life is so much easier for him."


"My dog loves the taste and eats them straight away. I have seen an improvement in her in the way of being able to jump on the sofa a little easier. The tin is great and light, lots of pieces in the tin so it will last a long time. Very quick delivery... Very happy."


"My Great Dane puppy started to show signs of Knuckling which is a bone and joint issue causing the front feet to bow and tuck under. If not corrected it leads to permanent severe disability, not to mention expensive vet bills… After MUCH research I came across your Joint and bone supplements on Amazon and purchased immediately. They arrived promptly and I LOVED the packaging! More importantly, Margot found them delicious. Along with a couple of other recommendations, our intervention has resulted in a remarkable transformation - her front legs are now straight and strong and she has no difficulty walking. I’m beyond impressed and will be keeping her on these for life!"